Texas Tulips and Daffodils

8 to 10 Weeks of Prechilling Yields Beautiful Spring Blooms

It's time to start scouring the spring blooming bulb catalogs for fall purchasing.  Plan to receive  tulip bulbs late September, early October and chill them for 8 to 10 weeks in a refrigerator, away from fruits and vegetables.   Plant them in mid to late December for beautiful spring blooms.  

Pictured above are Spring 2018 Tom Pulce tulips, purchased from www.colorblends.com

Tips on Bulb Purchasing

Big box stores offer bulbs prematurely.  These bulbs have been harvested before they are prime.  The result is an inferior bloom.   Try to purchase bulbs that are firm, not squishy and inspect to ensure they aren't mildewed.   

Early Daffodils

Ice Follies and Carlton flourish in Huntsville, Texas. Purchase in fall, plant mid to late November.  Try to buy daffodils acclimated to our southern climate.  Reputable sources will indicate   bulbs that will tolerate warmer temperatures.