Farm Stand


Fresh eggs, seasonal, locally grown produce, herbs, flowers, plants and composted chicken manure fertilizer will be offered at the Farm Stand.

In the future, we may offer organic chicken feed for those who'd like to establish a small backyard flock.   

Blue Splash Maran Chicks

Our chickens are registered with the Texas Animal Health Commission and of National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) origin, certified to be disease free. They are organically fed, free range daily in a chemical free environment and roost each night in a predator proof coop.  We will hatch chicks for you from a variety of breeds: Lavender Orpington, Buff Orpington, Salmon Faverolle, Black Copper Maran, Silver Cuckoo Maran, Blue Splash Maran.  We will also ship purebred fertile eggs. Contact us for availability and pricing. 


Eggs $5/Doz

Our colorful eggs are laid in pine shaving lined nest boxes, by a variety of chickens.  They are hand gathered throughout the day to ensure the freshest quality.  Hens and Roosters are segregated so no "compromised" eggs.  Contact us for availability, pricing and to arrange pickup or in some cases, delivery.

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