Great Pyrenees

Our Livestock Family is Growing

With the addition of goat kids, protection from predators became top priority.  After careful consideration and research, we were lucky to find Great Pyrenees pups, Cody and Grace.  Cody and Grace came from a working goat ranch in north Texas, where they were being trained by their working parents, and bonding with their goats.

Training Progress

Follow Cody and Grace on our livestock bonding, training journey.  They are 16 wks old as of 4/29.  Stay tuned for new adventures and challenges as we learn from  each other about life with goats, poultry and Livestock Guardian Dogs.

Advice, Encouragement from Renowned LGD Authorities

So you think you want a Livestock Guardian Dog?  Do the homework, search the web, visit breeders with working dogs and pups.  Make sure to visit Brenda Negri's site - one of the foremost, leading authorities on successfully raising and loving LGD's.